Velvet Touch Lipliner Waterproof - 016 The Red

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The Red Collection
Red lips are not only an iconic beauty statement - they are an everlasting trend. Since women began wearing make-up, red lips have been one of the biggest, most resistant trends, the world has ever seen. Clara Bow, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Taylor Swift – no matter the decade or the type of woman, you’ll always see a pair of stunning, red lips.
Not only are red lips pretty, sexy and create a statement of power. Science also shows that red lips hold men’s attention longer than nude ones and that Red lips is the most powerful attractor - one that significantly increases visual fixation.
We have spent the last few months in the lab - mixing and matching – to come up with the perfect shade of red – THE RED. The new shade will be available in our popular VELVET TOUCH LIPSTICK and LIQUID MATTE LIPS formulas as well as our amazing VELVET TOUCH LIPLINER WATERPROOF and our brand new ULTIMATE LIPLINER – WITH A TWIST.

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