GOSH Donoderm Hand & Nail Cream 75 ml - 001

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GOSH DONODERM HAND & NAIL CREAM is an intense conditioning treatment that relieves signs of ageing and moisturises dry, rough hands. Get smooth, soft hands and tough, strong nails with this lightweight cream. The nourishing formula quickly absorbs to deeply invigorate and tone skin. It protects skin from the drying effects of everyday life while minimising the visible signs of ageing.

• Lightweight & intense conditioning treatment
• Relieves signs of ageing and moisturises dry, rough hands
• Smooth & soft hands
• Strong nails
• Absorbs quickly
• Protects skin
• Vegan

• Vitamin E
• Niacinamide
• Vitamin C
• Shea Butter

Scientific studies show that Vitamin E (or often known as, Tocopherol) has very specific benefits to the skin:
• It protects the skin from environmental pollution
• It has a protecting action against UV radiation – although it cannot be classed as a sunscreen
• It is an excellent moisturiser

As a soluble vitamin B3, Niacinamid is an extremely effective anti-aging agent with outstanding skin compatibility.
It combats the visual effects of aging on several fronts:
• It improves the skin barrier function through well documented and proven mechanisms such as the reduction of TEWL.
• It positively impacts skin conditions by decreasing the appearance of skin redness. It can be taken into account as an option to make sensitive skin more robust.
• It enhances skin appearance and texture by stimulating collagen synthesis.
• It offers a “warming up effect,” that is, micro-circulation by stimulating blood flow. It is also an effective skin lighten-ing agent. Age spots disappear and skin brightens.

Vitamin C is one of the most powerful nutrients and antioxidants the body needs, particularly the skin. It has free radical fighting powers that help prevent the appearance of aging as well as fight the damage of toxins. Vitamin C is also the building block to help the skin produce more collagen, or the main protein structure throughout the body that helps keep skin youthful.

Shea Butter is primarily comprised of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, as well as Vitamins A, E and F, and Carotene. Vitamins A and E soothe and hydrate skin while boosting collagen. Vitamin F contains essential fatty acids which help to protect and heal. Shea Butter has hydrating and regenerative benefits.

Smooth over hands and nails daily to hydrate and soften skin.
Apply morning, evening, or any time of day.
Lightly massage cream into hands, from the fingertips to the wrist, not forgetting cuticles.

• Stimulates collagen synthesis in aged fibroblasts
• Topical application leads to significant reduction of transmission of epidermal water loss (TEWL)
• Reduces pigmentation
• Soothing agent

• Increased elasticity
• More moisture
• Improved skin barrier
• Reduced pore size

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